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Daycare That Feels Like Home

Early childhood should be a time of fun, warmth, security, education, exploration, and discovery.

Tiny People University (TPU) Child Care Center provides an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth through the children’s play and small group instruction.

Meal Time

We provide nutritious meals that remind the children of home while teaching polite eating habits.

Play To Learn

Our program is built around the concept that children are born ready to learn. We encourage the children to use their imaginations.

Safe Socializing

We are happy to maintain a level of cleanliness that provides a safe way for your children to get the socialization that is so important to their development.

Creative Curriculum

Learning time includes dramatic play, creative art activities, music, science activities, block play, sensory experiences, daily outdoor activities.

Proud Parents

You can feel confident sending your child to our daycare center. Read these kind words from parents who were thrilled with their choice to send their children to Tiny People University Childcare Center.

The staff is truly wonderful. They all have nothing but love in their hearts when it comes to the children. They give me full peace of mind knowing that my child will be in good hands, safe and protected when I leave. I absolutely love this place and I would recommend it to anyone.

B. Wade

I met Ms. Kia in 2015 when my youngest was starting daycare at 12 weeks old. It was a last-minute decision but ended up being the best one I could have made. My daughter, Emma, was not taking to the bottle at all while in daycare, but Ms. Kia just kept trying and eventually fed her through a medicine dropper just so she could eat even a little bit. It was very clear how much Ms. Kia loved taking care of children. She was loving and affectionate to each one and is always just a joy to be around. I have taken both of my girls to Ms. Kia’s over the last 5 years anytime I need childcare. Whether I was working full time, part-time, or just needed a day, Ms. Kia was always available and ready to help and it is where my girls wanted to go. They are both school-aged now and when we drive by her house, they still both wave and say, “Hi Ms. Kia! We love you, Ms. Kia!”

Jessica Lovell

I’d like to thank Ms.Kia For her hard work in supporting my Daughters as they developed. With her Guidance our daughters have developed into confident and capable children! Your expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. Thank you very much for always being there for them. I’m so excited for your dream of Having your own school, well deserved!

J. Munoz

My kids have both been with Ms. Kia since they were born. I wouldn’t take them anywhere else. She treats them like her own and I couldn’t ask for It any other way. Also, both of my children are more advanced than other kids their age due to the structure and curriculum they use with the kids. And of course, Mrs. Pat is part of that reason. She teaches them with patience and repetition like no one else can. If I could give them ten stars I would. My son started kindergarten this year and was way ahead of the game thanks to these awesome teachers.

A. Carlton

We love Kia and all of the ladies at Tiny People University! Our kids feel so comfortable being there. It’s like a second home to them! 

Katelyn Trulove

Kia Rivers, Owner has been apart of our lives for 9 years. She took care of my daughter from 6 weeks of age to 5! I can’t say enough about her. She loves every child like her own. She is trustworthy, kind, understanding and genuinely wants to provide the best care to your child!

K. Gibson

Kia Rivers is professional and the best at what she does. My daughter started with her at the age of 3 months and not only did she provide adequate care, she provided rigorous and challenging education for the children. If you are skeptical about childcare facilities due to COVID, don’t worry, the cleanliness of Ms. Kia’s facility is impeccable. Hands down the best childcare facility in the area! I highly recommend this childcare facility!!!!

L. Foreman

We love Tiny People University! All of the women are so sweet and precious to our family! My nieces were cared for by the owner, Nikkia, from 6 weeks to Kindergarten and they are the most polite little girls. The way the staff talks to the children is so respectful and you can tell the kids are thriving because of it.

My youngest has been at the new center since the day it opened and she is so happy to be there every day she practically jumps out of my arms! I trust these ladies completely and would recommend them to anyone!

K. Trulove

Ms Kia, the owner is nothing short of amazing. She is in the childcare industry for a reason. Every time I was there to drop off or pick up my son (he was in infant room) she was always involved with the physical operations. She was helping with bottles, holding the toddlers, or making sure the staff had everything they needed. This is the third daycare facility I have had experience with between my children and TPU is by far the best. As a mother, I felt the same calmness and confidence dropping my son off here as I do if his grandparents watch him. The infant teacher, Ms Gloria is just as great. They are attentive, answer any and all questions and most importantly you can tell the kids adore the staff. The ONLY reason we left was because of a work opportunity in a different city. I cannot recommend this facility enough!

Clean, nurturing, attentive environment. Thank you for everything your staff does!!

E. Arnold

We love TPU. Both of our girls started at 12 weeks old and we are so grateful for finding Ms. Kia when we did. All the ladies are so kind and love to fuss over them. It’s a relief to know my girls are in such good care and we can depend on them. We absolutely love the early education they have been getting. Every day my toddler comes home singing a new song or we discover something new she learned. Can’t say enough about them and I highly recommend!

L. Schultz

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